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We know how to make a solid, durable and aesthetic package because we have been acting in this industry uninterruptedly since 2002. The valuable experience which have been gained during that time is used to make an offer fitted to our customers’ needs. Your trust is what we value the most. Caring for the quality of our products and bearing in mind satisfying our business partners, we have been still updating the production system. A package that is cut up to the standards of your requirements, needs and the possibility is our final effect.

We are aware of the fact, that you need the product of its highest quality but we also know that a satisfactory price is what really matters. If it’s true, you found the right place. What we care about is not only the delivery of the packages made of solid materials but also the price which has to be fitted to the possibility and reality of the market. We offer professional consulting from the moment of placing an order until delivering products to the indicated address. Our main target is the production of unrivalled packages in terms of the quality, aesthetics and prices. Delivery of the product which will fulfill the expectations of the most demanding customers is our aim.

We know that you expect a confirmation of these words. An ISO certificate is an evidence for the highest quality of our products, and references of satisfied customers are our pride and best business card.

We know quite a lot about packages. How can we help you?

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We are executing diversified orders. What is more, we have a wide range of packages in stock. When such a need occurs, we are ready to produce any non-standard orders.

Packages in bulk

Packages in bulk

We specialize in bulk packaging. It is possible to perform them with 3 or 5 layers cardboards of different weights and strength parameters. The packages are precisely selected to each client and the range of goods needed. We also offer flexographic printing, and in addition, each package can be equipped with spacers or grates.

Shaped packaging

Shaped packaging

Shaped packaging are made from corrugated and solid cardboards based on FEFCO catalog. Depending on your needs – packaging can be folded, glued or sewn. There is also a possibility to provide the ordered product with holes, perforations or handles.

Non-standard packaging

Non-standard packaging

Non-standard packaging is an answer to individual customers’ requirements. They are tailored- made to your needs, created with care and precision. Depending on the type of order, they are made of different kinds of cardboard and weights. There is also the possibility of placing print on the packaging.

Coffins for cremation

Coffins for cremation

Coffins for cremation are new in our offer. Made of cardboard with a weight of 1040 are durable and solid. Produced in two versions: as a one or two-piece.

Vibac packing tape

Vibac packing tape

Vibac packing tape is very strong and solid, designed for specific tasks. Rubber as its main component ensures the highest quality and durability. Available in a beam with a length of 60m and a width 48.

Cardboard corners

Cardboard corners

Cardboard corners and edges provide surface protection of objects exposed to mechanical injury. Goods fitted with an element retains its shape and appearance, and the cost of the package is greatly reduced. Depending on your needs, the corners are made of 3 or 5 layers cardboards.

Cardboard dividers

Cardboard dividers protect the products from damage and allow for separation of packed layers during palletizing. Made of 3 or 5 layers cardboards.



Cardboard as a 2 -layers with a weight of 180 g. Commercial rolls is tailored to the needs of the order (typically – 100 mb)



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Out of concern for creating package perfectly fitted to your needs, we offer the comprehensive help in the completion of an order from the moment of the evaluation all the way to the delivery to the indicated address.


We will prepare the project of your package along with the imprint which is compulsory for you to see whether the realization meets your expectations.

Free patterns

Contact us, before placing an order to check the quality of materials we use to make packages. Feel free to contact us at any time convenient.


You aren’t able to get back of extensive order right now? We offer the possibility of keeping inventory balances. All you need to do is report it during placing an order. This gives you the possibility to exploit more effectively your warehouse storage capacity.


It is possible to place the orders over the phone, through the fax or e-mail. Feel free to contact us at any time convenient.


Our drivers are carrying out orders, delivering them to the indicated address every day from 6:00 a.m – 4 p.m. If the date or time of the delivery does not suit your expectations, it will be set individually.

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Due to frequent inquiries about the possibility of applying the symbol of the “Forest Stewardship Council” on the packaging, we would like to inform you that it is possible to implement the FSC certification.

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Contact with the marketing department:

Tel/fax +48 33 874 07 05
Tel. +48 33 874 05 36
Fax. +48 33 872 64 35

Do you need the evaluation of packages?

Write: wycena@karton-pak.com

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Write: zamówienia@karton-pak.com

Do you need any advice?

Write: karton-pak@karton-pak.com

Our consultants will answer all of your questions:

Sławek +48 509 440 843
Kazimierz +48 513 471 489
Address: 34-211 Budzów, 495
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